The Story

Modern Winter is a musical duo comprised of Selina Chiarelli (Vocals) and Shaun Weima (Vocals & Music.) After playing together on and off for nearly 20 years, these two seasoned musicians are happy to announce their newest musical collaboration, "Modern Winter." 

Over the years, since they met as young artists on the Kingston scene, Selina and Shaun have followed their separate paths - Shaun as a professional musician, producer, teacher, songwriter, and sound designer - and Selina as a multi-faceted performance artist and storyteller.

But all roads lead to home and in the “winter” of 2016-2017, they finally began to write together. Occasional recordings turned to weekly sessions, and the music just came together as if it was always meant to be.

With some originals under their belt, more in the making, and many many music meets ahead of them, Modern Winter brings an authentic chemistry to the stage, with haunting harmonies and a wonderfully diverse repertoire that can only come from a long-standing friendship founded on music and creativity.